Featured Testimonials

Dr. Weiss has been a game changer and a blessing in my life after more than a year of suffering and hitting the wall in every way from long Haul COVID 19.

In mid Oct 2021, I woke up from sleep with a very high heart rate.  My Apple Watch said 150BPM. I thought I had a nightmare and went back to sleep.  As days passed, I noticed myself waking up almost every night multiple times with this situation.  One day, this happened to me while I was driving the car in the woods on a holiday.  I felt like I didn’t have control of my body and I feared for my life and the others in the car.  This shook me very badly, and I understood that something was really wrong and needed attention.

In just a few days after this, I was diagnosed of Covid-19 Omicron Variant for the second time. This time around, I took hardly any time to get over the fever and congestion, but my heart took a very bad toll.  I also developed debilitating brain fog, fatigue and could barely work.  One night, I woke up with a high heart rate and rushed to the washroom where I fell down with a seizure and fainted.  I was rushed to the ER immediately and spent 5 days in the hospital before I was sent back home without any clear answers.

The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me.  They put me on anti-epilepsy medicines, which didn’t change anything.  Days, weeks and months passed by, but nothing that my doctors did helped me.  I still had the heart palpitations, brain fog, and severe fatigue.  At one point, I was told that all my symptoms were caused by an anxiety disorder.

After a year of this hell, my heart decided to speed up and not slow down to the tune of 140 – 160bpm.  This was the day my husband decided to reach out to Dr. Weiss to see if we could get a better perspective on the situation.  He was confident that my symptoms were probably caused by long haul COVID 19, and surprisingly also confident that he could help with distance sessions.  I was a little skeptical because nothing was working in person for over a year, and this guy is oceans away from India in the US.  However, at this point I was willing to try almost anything to get relief.  So we did our first session – and believe me it was over a phone call, not even a video!

During the session, as he placed magnets on his body in the USA, something magical started happening to me in India.  I started feeling all this tension in my chest and body melt.  I felt tingling sensations of energy pulsing through my body like the lifeforce that was shut down started opening back up.  My heart calmed down and for the first time in over a year I felt peace.  I WAS BEYOND MOVED…

I was amazed how something could work from a distance so profoundly –  it was so loud and clear.  With just that one session I could notice at least a 50% reduction in my symptoms both in intensity and frequency.  I was grateful that someone finally understood what I was going through, had a solution for me and didn’t just write my symptoms off to anxiety.  I work in the health field myself, and I knew that I had symptoms that couldn’t be explained by anxiety alone.

We met again online after 2 weeks, and like this we did about just 4-5 sessions, before all my symptoms vanished.  I felt like myself again with energy levels back, being able to think clearly, work better, eat better, sleep better, and feel more like a Human instead of a Zombie.

Dr. Weiss helped me work through a lot of my material, both physiological and spiritual with all the knowledge and experience he has.  Now, I’m feeling alive and grateful to be able to live life normally, which was difficult to imagine after going through a cycle of suffering for more than a year.  I’m so grateful to have found this man who could help me get back to normalcy, happiness, and joy in life.

Pooja S
Bangalore, India

I have a long history of complicated health issues and have spent thousands of dollars and worked with countless doctors, homeopaths, naturopaths, therapists, healers, etc. for 25+ years. I’ve had varying amounts of success with these practitioners but had only been able to gain so much traction on these issues.

During this time, I’ve learned how thoroughly interconnected the body, mind, and spirit are, and while most practitioners are qualified to treat one of these levels, Dr. Weiss is able to address all of them.

I finally realized that in order to address some of the physical concerns, I have to first heal spiritual issues. For years I had serious allergy issues. I would randomly break out in hives and get sick frequently. By severely limiting my diet I was able to resolve this. However, last year the allergies cropped up again. I broke out in an itchy rash and had to cut out much of the food in my already limited diet. I wasn’t able to eat much more than a handful of vegetables and I had to stop taking my thyroid medication. I had to change the laundry detergent I was using and wash everything in the house that touched my skin. I even started reacting to some of our furniture and could no longer sit on our couch. I also suddenly couldn’t wear any clothing that contained polyester, which was much of my wardrobe.

After weeks of this, I was itchy, exhausted, constantly stressed, and had severe headaches due to the lack of protein and poor quality of sleep.Nothing I did on a physical level seemed to help.

Dr. Weiss was able to determine that there were spiritual roots to these allergies. After a number of sessions focused on these spiritual issues, the rash and the allergies cleared. I was able to go back on the thyroid medication, wear all my clothes again, and my diet became much more expansive. It felt pretty miraculous.

For much of my life I’ve struggled with self-confidence and setting boundaries. I’ve often had difficulty saying no to people, particularly those whose approval I wanted or who I felt were on a “higher level” than me. The processes I’ve done with Dr. Weiss have significantly increased my confidence and surety, have allowed me to set better boundaries, and have dissipated much of the guilt I used to feel about this. What’s truly amazing is the depth of work we’ve done in such few sessions compared to the years I spent trying to resolve the same issues in therapy, with much lesser results.

Working with Dr Weiss has given me relief from symptoms, provided me with a deeper understanding of myself and my needs, and led to my feeling uplifted and hopeful. The time and financial investment I’ve made have been well worth it and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work with him!

Stephanie H.
Los Angeles, CA

Long story short, I began the spiritual clearing program with Dr. Kevin Weiss after I experienced a couple of strange life events. When we started I was in tears and terrified by what happened and just knew it wasn’t a coincidence – this was something deeper needing to be energetically cleared.

Very quickly through my daily homework and from our sessions, I noticed huge shifts in the way I felt emotionally, physically, and even in my marriage, friendships and business. Honestly, Dr. Weiss’s method was very fascinating and completely unlike any of the *many* things I’ve done before (being a more advanced student and teacher into health, psychology and spirituality).

This work has given me such a deeper understanding of life and empowered me about my present and future now that I learned these tools and am more connected to my intuitive gifts.

I highly recommend doing this work with Dr. Kevin Weiss, he is the trusted guide to help you catapult your life (health, love, money) lightyears into the higher levels you actually desire (and just need to do the work to clear and resolve the cosmic patterns that are keeping you stuck).

Mindy T.
Austin, TX

After 50 years of living a spiritually committed life and many healers all with some degree of success and progress, I met Dr. Weiss. Only then did I experience that remaining karmas were blocking the BIG stuff. As they were removed my health and awareness changed noticeably, but very comfortably. Nothing yet has affected these levels like his treatments. I had long haul COVID symptoms for months and chronic gut issues for decades that are gone!

Donna S.
Fairfield, IA

Working with Dr. Weiss has been transformative in ways I hadn’t expected. My life feels more peaceful, my relationships more calm and loving, and my own intuition has deepened and sharpened. I’ve been able to better understand my own blocks, triggers and limiting beliefs, and shed them, freeing myself to live more freely and opening up to greater success. I’ve known Dr. Weiss and have worked alongside him for years, and I can say that he is a truly gifted physician and intuitive. If you’re feeling stuck – in business, health or in life, there’s a better way. Dr Weiss helps you do the kind of deep spiritual work that creates change and expansion.

Robin F.
New York, NY

… Dr. Weiss truly works on a different dimension, and I have recommended him to all of my close friends and family struggling with health issues. He pulls from a number of different disciplines and is read into the latest findings and research. My health struggles are complex and nuanced – rooted in a number of co-infections that spin off seemingly unrelated symptoms, precluding an easy diagnosis.

My situation had other doctors contemplating things that sound totally misguided in retrospect. But Dr. Weiss was quickly able to uncover root causes … The change in my quality of life – including my energy, mood, physical appearance, and outlook – has been transformative and I feel very lucky to have found Dr. Weiss.

To echo a point made in other reviews, it’s worth noting that Dr. Weiss is very problem-focused. I’ve always gotten the sense that his mission is to get me feeling better, as quickly and as economically as possible… Dr. Weiss has been very pragmatic and focuses on the efforts that are most impactful. He puts in the time to understand your individual context and history, and the result is a highly tailored and effective treatment plan.

Jeremy G.
Manhattan, NY

Dr. Weiss has helped me believe that my body can actually heal. I have had many chronic viral and autoimmune issues for the past decade. Dr. Weiss has not only diagnosed my issues, he continually works with my body to prioritize treatments so that I feel better before I even leave the office. I now feel as though I can truly optimize my health, rather than just struggle through life. I am truly working toward optimal health and am looking forward to a long, vibrant life as a result of his diagnostic skill and treatments. It is truly incredible … I truly feel blessed to be under the care of Dr. Weiss.

Kimberly T.
New York, NY

… Earlier this year I had a bunch of symptoms from Lyme Disease and felt so awful, barely able to walk a few blocks or be mentally present at work. Within a few visits and treatment changes with Dr. Weiss I am feeling 90% better and can function like a normal person in their 20s.

I highly suggest Dr. Weiss … especially if you have not been successful or felt unheard with other doctors.

Lydia D.
Queens, NY

Dr. Weiss is the best doctor I’ve ever had, and I’ve had dozens as my health issues are complicated and chronic … I have chronic infections that cause massive inflammation, and Dr. Weiss helps my muscle, tendon, and fascia pain as well as my organ function, energy flows, and a bunch of other things. His knowledge of the body is deep and vast and he has many, many techniques that work.

… I’ve had many physical therapists and other body workers, but they follow a set routine. Dr Weiss is different because he knows how to listen to the body, and it’s made all the difference for me.

Kyla S.
Brooklyn, NY

Over the last 3 years I have been to over 40 doctors trying to figure out what is wrong with me. Dr. Weiss was the only doctor who was determined to get to the root of my problem causing all of my issues … I already feel 100 x better after going to Dr. Weiss for a few months.

He helped treat my neuropathy, and many other complex issues. We are attacking my problem head on as a team & that’s why I consistently go back to Dr Weiss. He is very thorough and ACTUALLY cares for his patients well-being.

I highly recommend Dr Weiss. Especially, if you have any issues that other doctors can not seem to crack.

Leon P.
Mineola, NY