Advanced Intuitive Energy Testing (AIET) is a system designed to solve your health challenges in the safest, most efficient, and harmonious way for you. Since you have a mind, body and spirit, any health challenge may have causes on any of those three levels. Two people can have an identical medical diagnosis and yet have completely different underlying causes for their problem. AIET uncovers these issues and shows the best way to resolve them. Next, we will explore how AIET works.

The human mind ordinarily perceives through the 5 senses of touch, taste, sight, hearing, and smell. The human mind is also capable of perceiving beyond the ordinary 5 senses. In some fields it’s known as higher sense perception or HSP. Ancient cultures and modern healing contemporaries are in agreement that at least 300 forms of HSP are available to be cultivated. For example, you can watch videos on youtube of blind people using echolocation, like a bat, to navigate their surroundings. Nicola Tesla and Albert Einstein are examples of scientists who used their HSP to discover scientific truths and confirm them experimentally. These abilities are present in seed form in everyone, although the mileage varies with innate talent and work put in to cultivate them. AIET utilizes particular forms of HSP that allow for the user to perceive within another’s system and have a dialogue with it. Furthermore, AIET requires the user to have a command of anatomy, physiology, nutrition, microbiology, energy medicine, functional medicine, and regenerative medicine in order to have a dialogue and determine what the key imbalances are and how to resolve them. Utilizing AIET at an expert level requires extensive training in both modern science and ancient principles, an understanding of how those knowledge bases work together, and the ability to effectively and reproducibly have a conversation with another’s system to unlock the healing potency within.

AIET is a process that is repeated sequentially to detect and resolve the issue of highest priority regardless of whether it exists on the level of mind, body, or spirit. The priority order is particularly important for individuals with complex, chronic, and/or entrenched issues. Respecting the order allows for more rapid improvement, reduced risk of side effects, and avoids wasting your time and energy on ineffective remedies.

In summary, AIET utilizes expanded capacities refined through an understanding of ancient Eastern as well as modern Western anatomy and physiology to systematically determine and resolve the root issues standing in the way of higher health.

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