Chronic stealth infections can cause or contribute to various health problems, such as long-haul COVID-19 syndrome, autoimmune diseases, coronary artery disease, and chronic low back pain. The medical literature has demonstrated that persistent low-grade infections are associated with all the aforementioned issues. These infections can evade detection by standard laboratory tests, making it difficult for people to understand the cause of their symptoms.

Integrative and functional medicine models acknowledge certain infections, such as Lyme disease, candida, and the Epstein-Barr virus, as stealth infections that contribute to chronic illness. However, this only partially recognizes the truth that any combination of the trillions of organisms in our microbiome can contribute to chronic symptoms.

The malaria parasite is an example of a problematic, persistent low-grade infection that standard testing can fail to detect. The medical literature demonstrates that it exists at a high enough level to cause problematic symptoms, yet not at a level high enough to cause a positive result on standard lab testing. Advanced intuitive energy testing (AIET) can regularly detect the energetic signature of the malaria parasite in people from all over the world, and appropriate interventions usually lead to symptom improvement.

Another example of low-grade stealth organisms that can evade detection by standard diagnostic tests are fungal infections. Currently, fungal infections are making the news because of an increased incidence of invasive, systemic infections worldwide due to climate change. Fungi generally thrive in warmer, damper conditions, hence their presence as an emerging problematic pathogen. Using AIET, many species of fungi are commonly found to be at the root of problematic symptoms when they don’t show up on standard lab tests. Recently, a client with long-haul COVID-19 was nearly fully well after five healing sessions, although they had some lingering brain fog. AIET revealed fungal species as the cause of their leftover brain fog. Their brain fog resolved after applying distance magnet treatment. However, COVID-19 can reactivate a myriad of infections, and not everyone’s brain fog is due to fungi. Other clients have had malaria and other organisms at the root of their brain fog, highlighting the importance of using AIET to determine what each individual needs.

In conclusion, chronic stealth infections pose a significant health challenge because standard laboratory tests may fail to detect them, making it difficult to understand the cause of symptoms. Awareness of their existence, understanding how they are behind common illnesses like long haul COVID 19, and the ability to effectively resolve them are essential for restoring health. AIET can help identify the most critical organisms to resolve for each individual, leading to improved health outcomes.