Distance healing is a transformative service offering significant benefits in terms of convenience, effectiveness, efficiency, and affordability. This healing approach is based on the principle of non-locality, as described in the quantum theory of physics, which suggests that subatomic particles can interact and exchange information even when they are located continents apart. This principle explains the concept of interconnectedness, which we all experience in everyday life, such as when we think about someone and they call us a few moments later.  I am able to harness this principle more consciously and precisely because of innate ability and thousands of hours of practice.

One of the most obvious advantages of distance healing is its convenience. You can receive this service from anywhere on the planet, without having to travel to a clinic or be exposed to other people’s germs. All you need is a quiet, comfortable place where you can lie down and relax. With distance healing, there’s no need to spend weeks on intensive therapies nor incur the costs associated with travel and accommodation.

Another benefit of distance healing is its efficiency and effectiveness. By using AIET (Advanced intuitive energy healing) at any distance, I can have a direct conversation with a client’s system to determine the most effective interventions to bring about positive changes quickly. Unlike other approaches that involve trial and error, distance healing in combination with AIET can help solve deep-rooted chronic problems in a matter of months, enabling you to achieve sustained improvements in their overall well-being.  I previously worked in high end integrative medical clinics with all the gadgets: sauna, IR light therapy, ozone therapy, stem cells, and just about any IV therapy you can think of.  These tools all have their value.  However I’ve found that I can achieve comparable or even better results using distance healing.

Distance healing can save you a significant amount of money.  Interventions for chronic conditions can be expensive and often leave patients frustrated when they don’t see sustainable results. I’ve worked with people who have spent hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars on their healing journeys, with little success. In contrast, distance healing through the Systematic Healing model is often substantially less expensive and delivers positive results in less time.  Any recommendations I make are tested and confirmed by your system using the AIET technique including if you need a referral for something outside the scope of what I provide virtually.

In conclusion, distance healing using AIET and the Systematic Healing model offer you numerous benefits including convenience, efficiency, effectiveness, and affordability. By leveraging the principle of non-locality, I can help you achieve positive shifts in your system from a distance, wherever you happen to be.