Long Haul COVID-19 syndrome is incompletely understood by the conventional medical model. However, like any other health challenge there are always logical, rational reasons why these problems arise and also for how to resolve them.

We need to look at and beyond the current science to understand why long haul COVID 19 syndrome happens. Advanced Intuitive Energy Testing (AIET) utilizes inner instruments of perception to discover truths about the human body that the scientific method hasn’t yet discovered. This is a different method of learning than the scientific method, although it can certainly be confirmed by the scientific method. Nikola Tesla discovered the principles of alternating current through a similar mechanism to AIET and confirmed his findings experimentally. We will now discuss how the findings of AIET interface with current scientific data and consider a few case studies demonstrating the efficacy of applying the principles.

Using Advanced Intuitive Energy Testing, I have discovered that Long Haul COVID is caused by 5 main factors that work in concert with each other.
– Persistent low grade COVID 19 infection
– Hijacking of the microbiome
– Immune suppression
– Secretion of toxins
– Reactivation of pathogenic microorganisms

From the AIET perspective, COVID 19 infection persists in almost any part of the body explaining why the symptoms of long haul COVID 19 syndrome cross over multiple organ systems. Medical studies on people who had a prior COVID 19 infection that died from totally different causes months to years later confirm that they still had genetic material of COVID 19 in their organs. Research also confirms persistent viral replication in the olfactory nerve in those with persistent loss of smell.

From the AIET perspective, COVID hijacks the microbiome in the gut and other organs. Medical research demonstrates evidence suggesting that COVID 19 has bacteriophage qualities which means that COVID 19 can take over the cellular equipment of bacteria and utilize it to make its own proteins and reproduce itself. Stool cultures from COVID 19 patients have been shown to produce COVID 19 proteins and that incubating these samples with particular antibiotics shuts down the production of those proteins suggesting that COVID 19 is hijacking healthy microbiome bacteria to reproduce itself.

From the AIET perspective there are, to date, 6 main toxins that COVID 19 secretes. These toxins are often responsible for the observed mitochondrial toxicity and immune dysregulation associated with Long Haul COVID 19 syndrome. Earlier in the pandemic, blood samples were taken from patients who did not have a prior COVID 19 infection and from those who had. In the samples where the patient had COVID 19 numerous peptides were found that nearly identically resembled neurotoxins found in the venom of animals. Not surprisingly, additional studies have confirmed the presence of neurotoxic peptides in COVID 19’s genome.

COVID 19 is a master at evading and suppressing the immune system. It constantly upgrades these capabilities explaining waning resistance to prior infection and/or vaccination. AIET has revealed that the virus has numerous complex mechanisms of suppressing the cells it infects, but it also generates signaling molecules that suppress other surrounding cells too. The medical literature has demonstrated that COVID 19 deactivates interferon secretion suppressing innate immune function as well as decreasing signaling molecules on the cell surface that ought to alert the adaptive immune system to its presence.

One of the cruxes of the Long Haul COVID 19 syndrome, from an AIET perspective, is the reactivation of dormant infection. From an AIET perspective, there are microbes living in all our organs and any number of them get reactivated causing any number of symptoms as it pertains to the long COVID 19 syndrome. In a similar way the chickenpox virus can reactivate as shingles under times of stress. The medical literature cites reactivation of Epstein Barr Virus, Herpes viruses, Varicella Zoster Virus, and Cytomegalovirus pertaining to long haul COVID 19 syndrome. From an AIET perspective, there are many bacteria, fungi, and parasites that can get reactivated, which have not yet been elucidated by medical research. The pattern of reactivation of these previously dormant infections varies between people explaining, in part, why the symptoms are different from one person to the next.

Now, you have a more clear picture of how the COVID 19 long haul syndrome occurs. Now we will discuss how to solve this puzzle, which is very doable for most people. Of all healing modalities, Biomagnetism is a method of balancing pH and bioenergy fields. Using AIET, we are able to determine which organisms in the microbiome have reactivated out of balance, place magnets in pairs sequenced precisely in specific parts of the body to balance pH and energy in a way that toxins and reactivated infections can no longer take hold. Conveniently, leveraging the quantum mechanical principle of entanglement allows me to place magnets on my body so that a client can get the benefit of it from anywhere else on the planet. Explaining this in more detail will require a separate article. Below, I will discuss 2 cases demonstrating the power of this model of healing. Names and identifying information will be changed to protect identities, but their stories are very real.

Case #1: Sarah, a 59 year old high powered corporate executive from Maine contracted COVID 19. This person was an existing client of mine for non-COVID 19 reasons prior to her infection. After contracting the infection she resolved the majority of the symptoms on her own but was still symptomatic with fatigue and brain fog 2 months later and unable to function properly at work concerned she may need to retire early. After her spouse nudged her multiple times to reach out and discuss this, we had a brief discussion about doing the distanced magnet treatment and applied magnets with approximately 2000 miles of distance between us. This individual, by AIET, had some persistent COVID 19 as well as other reactivated viruses and bacteria in their system. She was symptom free, back on the job, and back to her usual self 1 week after her healing session. “Hole in one” type of reactions like this where somebody has their issues resolved in 1 session is less common. This particular individual was set up for success because her immune system was stronger due to other work we had done in addition to getting the issue taken care of relatively quickly.

Case #2: Johann, a 34 year old craniosacral therapist in Amsterdam approached me because of some bizarre symptoms he was having approximately 1 year after having contracted COVID 19 for a second time. He was experiencing palpitations that would wake him up at night, chronic fatigue, brain fog, and body aches / pains. Before these symptoms, he was highly energetic, serving multiple clients a day in addition to multiple creative pursuits. In our first session, he was barely able to work and unable to pursue any creative endeavors. He had been hospitalized due to a fainting episode and had a “million dollar” workup that produced no discernable reason for his symptoms and his cardiologist told him his symptoms were caused by an anxiety disorder. On his first healing session, AIET revealed reactivations of malaria and dengue virus in addition to persistent COVID 19 infection, which were addressed with long distance biomagnetism. After this session, he had significant relief of the body aches and significantly less palpitations. In the second session, AIET revealed multiple parasitic organisms in the heart and autonomic nervous system as well as in the central nervous system. After applying magnets, he had a substantial reduction in heart rate and was now sleeping throughout the night. At this point, he wasn’t having any daytime fatigue although still had heavy brain fog. Healing session 3 revealed the presence of multiple fungal pathogens in the brain and nervous system in addition to other locations in the body. Clearance of these energetic signatures with magnets resolved the brain fog, although he was still having a sense of tension in his chest and slight resurgence of palpitations after the session prompting me to apply AIET to search for any associated emotional, mental, or spiritual issues. Sure enough, we found a spiritual issue that was connected with the palpitations. The palpitations cleared after applying a spiritual intervention. By session 6, Johann was back to his usual self engaging in multiple creative endeavors, working full time, and insisting that I share this knowledge with others, which I have agreed to do by teaching courses for those who have the proper background.

In summary Long Haul COVID 19 syndrome, from the AIET perspective, is caused by Persistent low level COVID 19 infection, Hijacking of the microbiome, Immune suppression, Secretion of Toxins from COVID 19 virus, and reactivation of pathogenic microorganisms. When proper conventional medical workups and therapies are unsatisfactory, the Systematic Healing model of applying AIET to determine the root cause imbalances for each individual and using biomagnetism can improve, if not resolve the symptoms of long haul COVID 19 syndrome.